Sunday, October 26, 2008

Term Limits in New York City

Re the term limits bill passed by the New York City Council, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge Councilmember Tony Avella's most courageous stand against this anti-democratic power grab by Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn.

It must further be pointed out that, to those of us who have followed Tony Avella's political career, this sort of laudable behavior is hardly new or unique.

For a long while now, while other hack councilmembers have scraped their knees, cravenly genuflecting at the throne of the Speaker, Tony Avella has been a steadfast profile in courage, prioritizing the best interests of the people of New York City, ahead of political expediency - a priority that has not come without a price tag for Avella, exacted by a vindictive council leadership.

Also, mention must be made of those councilmembers such as Bill DeBlasio, Letitia James, Charles Barron, et al, who with no motivation other than a clear vision of good government, cast a firm "NO" against this naked power grab of Mayor Bloomberg's. They stand in stark contrast to those in the council who, as has been reported, only cast a "NO" vote after passage of the term limits extension bill was considered a fait accompli and their votes against it, meaningless - and only after being given permission by the leadership to vote against the bill.

With Tony Avella's decision to run for Mayor of New York City, the choice is clear. Does New York City want a perpetuation of the cynical, hypocritical, self-interest that defines our current leadership and has perhaps never been so boldly displayed as in this self-serving, term limits extension? Or is it time for honesty and integrity to inform the future of our city.

Note well, this man Tony Avella, for in him you will see a quality in all too short supply in the political world today - that quality, defined by moral excellence, that is INTEGRITY!