Monday, June 22, 2009

TONY & JULIA: The Lips Story

So typical of the press. Give them a serious issue like child obesity and instead of reporting on it, they focus on what kookie fitness guru Richard Simmons said at a recent press conference sponsored by Council Member Tony Avella ... that Avella has lips like Julia Roberts. Oi vey! What was he thinking!

Avella is introducing a resolution asking Congress to pass the FIT Kids Act, which would require state and community educational agencies to produce annual reports on health and physical education programs. The most serious report was from the NY Times.

But back to the lips comment ... Funny? Maybe…. But at least Tony has lips. Did you ever notice King Bloomberg’s? – his top lip looks like it is glued to his front teeth. I’ve always wondered if he just finished eating a peanut butter sandwich or maybe it is a permanent application of rubber cement or crazy glue and he just cannot help it.

Yes - this lip story has legs – but not the obesity story. Azi Paybarah, of the “you are a disgrace" fame reported the Lips in his recent column.

So maybe this will bring Tony Avella the attention he very much deserves. And being compared to Julia Roberts ain’t all weird.

Roberts apparently does not like to talk politics but she is a big environmentalist – as is Tony Avella.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Emperor Bloomberg is sounding more and more like W every day:

from the New York Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg was asked today to comment on the criticism President Obama is receiving for killing a fly during a recent interview, and his resulting response was such a quintessential example of Bloombergese that it simply cried out for posting.

And so, here it is, compliments of the DN's Erin Einhorn:

“I don’t know why he did it. I had pickets outside my house for geese last night. We are sending some of these geese for well-deserved rest up in the sky, wherever geese go.

"But the bottom line is, we can make fun of the geese but they’re a danger to human beings flying. And we’re doing what's appropriate, and I’m sure what the president thought about was that particular fly might be spreading something like the H1N1 flu and he was going to risk his own life with hands - bare hands, without Purell - and he protected the public by hitting that fly, and we owe him a great debt of gratitude. I'm sure he’s laughing about it right now."

This is our mayor? How embarrasing!

I am sorry President Obama killed a fly on national TV - it became a press diversion. But "risk his own life?" What was Bloomberg thinking?

And as for making fun of the geese. This is just a stupid and insensitive comment. The plane that landed in the Hudson River was hit by Canada geese - i.e. migratory geese. Killing the geese who live around the airports will not make a difference to the safety of air travel. Finding ways to protect the planes and an understanding of the bird's migratory patterns will.

Do we really want this dope as mayor again. I don't.

Vote for Tony Avella for mayor.

mage from Emperor Bloomberg.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


The media is mostly not our ideal of what they should be -- investigative reporters searching for the truth -- idealistic muckrakers. For many, it is a job - they go with the flow; reprinting press releases with a tweak here and there. The media, after all, is owned by corporate America - (or is it China) In truth, if any of them did have the courage to speak out against His Emporership Mayor Bloomberg, they would forever be banned from City Hall. And they would have no story - albeit a slanted one. This is democracy, kids. Face it.

When an underdog like Queens Council Member Tony Avella - a progressive with great ideas and courage - tries to make a difference, he is mostly ignored. He is called an "outlier." Instead, Bill Thompson, the pick of the Democratic machine – is the favored Democratic candidate. …. But by the machine and politicians, that is ... not the people ... and certainly not on the blogs that I have read.

So it came as a breath of fresh air when Bernie Mooney from the Examiner writes a blog titled "Bloomberg is a Petulant Rich Kid” criticizing the mayor for being out of touch with New Yorkers. If this petulant rich kid was such a financial genius – then why did Wall Street have such a serious meltdown? Why is unemployment so high in New York City. The man has been mayor for eight years after all. Why didn’t he see it coming and do his “magic.” And why are the schools in such bad shape. Ask any teacher!!! Why – because Bloomberg had no answers – that’s why. And because he controls the media, you hear what he wants you to hear.

Mooney on Tony Avella: “There is a dark horse. That dark horse is Tony Avella, a city councilman from Queens who is no fan of mayor Mike. He has even taken his council colleagues to task for kowtowing to Bloomberg’s whims. He is most definitely against the out of control development under Bloomberg’s terms. Frankly, I never heard of him until I picked up a copy of WG, Williamsburg Greenpoint News +Arts.”

While I am impressed that Mr. Mooney gets it right in his piece, my problem with him is that as a political writer he has never heard of Tony Avella. Tony has been in the council for eight years and has been a leader against the abuse of eminent domain and over development. He knows how the real estate industry has run this city into the ground -- and he wants you to know also. I knew who Tony was and I do not make a living writing about politics. Tony is undoubtedly the most progressive, courageous and independent thinker in the Council - never afraid of speaking out against corrupt Christine Quinn. One of the few with real ethics, he refused to accept a large raise, which the council voted for themselves. But don’t take my word for it – check out Tony’s web site – please get informed. Learn about the issues that affect the average New Yorker.

But unfortunately, the average New Yorker – even those who actually vote – do not have a clue who their Council Member is – or who hold all of the citywide offices. This is how scoundrels get into office because at election time –some of these same New Yorkers get “religion” and feel obliged to do their “civic duty” to vote. They will go to the booth and pick the first candidate – or just vote the party in which they are registered. And they think they did a good thing. Ask them who they voted for - or if they know anything bout these candidates and they cannot tell you. This is very frightening. This is why Bloomberg and the City Council were able to overturn term limits.... it is because YOU voted for the very council members who made deals with Quinn - you rub my back and we will rub yours.

If you want a better New York with a mayor who actually listens to you … it is within your power to make that change. Bloomberg is a tyrant. He does not deserve another term in office.

Council Member Tony Avella would be much needed progressive change for New York City. Let's give him (and us) a chance at real democracy!