Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is Gale Brewer bugging out?

Is anyone else worried about City Council member Gale Brewer? She has a lot on her mind, to be sure. Bedbugs, for one thing. But why would she tell a bald-faced lie at a well-attended public meeting? That’s right, she pledged her support for Tony Avella’s legislation that would ban horse-drawn carriages. She still has not signed on as a co-sponsor—six months later! What’s worse, she is stonewalling her constituents who support this landmark measure.

She made this declaration in February at a packed meeting at the New York City Bar Association, where a panel on animal advocacy was gathered to discuss humane legislation and the workings of the City Council. Oh yes, she did! Lawyers, advocates, friends, and Upper West Side constituents—we all listened as she boldly promised her support of Intro. 658.

New Yorkers understand, of course, that Gale Brewer is toiling over a number of important issues. Like bedbugs. In January, she told NY1: “The bottom line is bedbugs must be dealt with.” First things first, Gale.

She must love the bedbug issue with all her heart. Maybe she’ll run for president on the bedbug platform.
Say, did anyone else attend the bedbugger’s recent open house? Always great food. I didn’t see any bedbugs, but I was had an itchy red welt afterward. Thinking about Gale gets me scratching.

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