Wednesday, April 1, 2009


... said Council Member and Mayoral candidate, Tony Avella in commenting about Mayor Bloomberg running on the Independence party line - an agreement that is in the works. Eduardo Castell, campaign manager for Comptroller Bill Thompson's mayoral campaign chimed in with "I see it as Bloomberg's pay-to-play politics. They pay to get someone's support." NY 1 reports that Bloomberg may once again run on Indepence Party Line.

Yes, Mr. Bloomberg needs a party line to be on the ballot and the Dems and Repubs will not have him so he is in negotiations ($) with the Independence Party.

As most of you know, Bloomie used to be a Democrat, until he turned Republican in order to stand out on the ballot when he ran in 2001. As an unknown, he knew he would lose a Democratic primary, so as a dark horse, he spent lots of money and flooded our mail boxes with Bloomberg propaganda in order to win that election. Talk about recycling. I wonder how many trees gave their lives for the Bloomberg campaigns.

As a new Republican with lots of moolah, he was a perfect partner to the ethically challenged rudi guiliani. And unfortunately, while it was Mark Green's election to lose in this strongly Democratic city, Green managed to alienate the Hispanic population, which turned on him voting for Bloomberg. What were they thinking?

You may also recall that giuliani tried to stay in office after the 9/11 tragedy, but it did not work for him. Too late, not enough time. We were so happy to see him go. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Bloomie would try the same tactic several years later and be successful.

The "Republican" Bloomie is credited with bringing the Republican Convention to NYC - a Democratic City!!! in 2004. Protest upon protests upon arrests occurred. An insult to NYC. But people have short memories. Yes, people unfortunately get the government they deserve. If you give a free pass to someone who ignored the two previous ballot initiatives that solidified term limits -- or so we thought -- then you are in effect abdicating your freedom and a dictator is what you will get.

then in June 2007, Bloomie left the Republican line and became a man without a party.

So now, Bloomie - a candidate in search of a party - is sucking up to the Independence party - you remember that controversial and questionable group of people - oh OK - so read about it here from the Village Voice.

Over the years, party founder Fred Newman and his supporters have faced repeated accusations of anti-Semitism and cult-like behavior. In a NY1 investigation in 2005, people involved with Newman's psychotherapy practice said they were brainwashed into joining a cult, allegations Newman has denied.

Everyone knows that Bloomberg has more money than god. He is already spending on ads all over the Internet - everywhere you turn there is another Bloomberg ad – brainwashing people.

While someone like Council Member Tony Avella, the most ethical, charismatic and smart of all the mayoral candidates hurts for money. One source of donations for most of the other candidates comes from the powerful real estate industry (you remember them - they own NYC) with their families, colleagues and friends donating to the max, they can nicely fund any candidate they want and make sure they get their development deals and make more money.

No one should be allowed to buy elections and there should be a spending limit on what candidates are allowed to spend on elections.

But this is America ... and this is NYC. We buy and sell elections here. And we worship money and raw power.

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