Monday, June 22, 2009

TONY & JULIA: The Lips Story

So typical of the press. Give them a serious issue like child obesity and instead of reporting on it, they focus on what kookie fitness guru Richard Simmons said at a recent press conference sponsored by Council Member Tony Avella ... that Avella has lips like Julia Roberts. Oi vey! What was he thinking!

Avella is introducing a resolution asking Congress to pass the FIT Kids Act, which would require state and community educational agencies to produce annual reports on health and physical education programs. The most serious report was from the NY Times.

But back to the lips comment ... Funny? Maybe…. But at least Tony has lips. Did you ever notice King Bloomberg’s? – his top lip looks like it is glued to his front teeth. I’ve always wondered if he just finished eating a peanut butter sandwich or maybe it is a permanent application of rubber cement or crazy glue and he just cannot help it.

Yes - this lip story has legs – but not the obesity story. Azi Paybarah, of the “you are a disgrace" fame reported the Lips in his recent column.

So maybe this will bring Tony Avella the attention he very much deserves. And being compared to Julia Roberts ain’t all weird.

Roberts apparently does not like to talk politics but she is a big environmentalist – as is Tony Avella.

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